Sycamores, 2008, mixed oil media on canvas, 60 x 36 in

In addition to the large series presently displayed on this website, C J has also painted a number of other subjects in a variety of styles.

Landscapes are a perennial favorite, partly because she when she first began painting many years ago, C J first studied the landscapes of Shen Zhou. Even today, the influences of the Chinese masters ca still be found in her work, but now these Asian muses have been joined by Klimt, Schiele, and the Nabis.

The human figure remains a subject of great interest, as well, and can take the form of anything from a rich, stylized painting such as Eve (2007), or a satirical tongue-in-cheek portrayal such as Mao as Qianlong (2007).

And animals of all kinds continue to fascinate C J. In the 1990s she painted a very large body of work that focused on horses and Japanese carp, or koi; most of these paintings were in mixed media on silk. Today, C J continues to create studies of koi, horses, and other animals, but now they are done in mixed oil media on canvas.

Finally, abstract works have been an additional area of interest for C J. Some of her more contemplative, philosophical works can be found in her Portals series.

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